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Custom offshore fishing tackle, spreader bars and dredges
Custom offshore fishing tackle, spreader bars and dredges
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Custom Big Game fishing gear for halibut and offshore pelagic
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Fishing Websites
  • Bloody Decks is very popular site with great information too. I post as "DaGoose". Bloody Decks
  • Fish Dope, a subscription fishing site with really good, timely inside "dope" on what's happening in
    Southern California waters that I contribute to. Fish Dope
  • Sportfisherman, a predominately east coast website with great information about spreader bars and
    dredges and also current fishing reports .   Sport Fishermen
  • Sadly, our fishing rights are often needlessly being compromised by well funded radical environmentalists,
    who would rather close fishing areas than implement sound, reasonable conservation efforts. We all want
    sustainable fisheries. Please support these folks who fight for our rights Keep America Fishing
Custom Silver Belt Buckles & Saddlery
Gary creates wonderful silver & gold belt buckles and hand crafted saddles. Plus he's a good guy and great
fishermen too!
Gary's Custom Saddlery and Silver
Gary's Belt Buckles
  • Catalina Offshore Products has absolutely the finest seafood to be found anywhere, and they ship most
    everywhere. It's sushi quality (they supply the best sushi restaurants) They're good peeps too! Catalina
    Offshore Products
Fish Scent
  • Unigoop is the best fish scent ever. Fish go crazy over it. It's made from real Uni by Tommy Gomes from
    Catalina Offshore Products. Tommy was a commercial fisherman for many years and he really knows his
    stuff. Plus he does wonderful things for the community. Unigoop
Pacific Halibut
  • I've only fished for the real barn doors once in Alaska, and the folks at Halibut.Net do an amazing job
    providing great information,links, and products! I've purchased many products from them and their video
    showing how halibut bite is unbelievable!!!!