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Custom offshore fishing tackle, spreader bars and dredges
Custom offshore fishing tackle, spreader bars and dredges
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Custom offshore fishing tackle, spreader bars and dredges
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About Best of Big Game Spreader Bars and Dredges

Best of Big Game spreader bars and subsurface dredges are superior to similar metal based products. Non-corrosive,
unbreakable, and
lightweight composite materials are used exclusively. All bar rigging components are compression fit.
The mainline runs through the custom molded center piece, next to the bar, terminating at the snap on the last teaser. You
fight the fish, not the bar. We recently
upgraded to glass beads to prevent possible chemical reactions with the plastic
Each bar is custom made, assembled by me personally.  

The lightweight construction offers many advantages. Trolled slow, they stay on top (
you burn less fuel too). BBG
spreader bars and dredges can be fished on light tackle from small skiffs or kayaks up to the biggest battlewagons. They
work great anywhere in the trolling spread, be it the short flat lines or the long riggers. Plus they are boat and crew friendly
on the deck.

BBG spreader bars and dredges are designed to withstand the harsh salt water environment for years of fish catching  
enjoyment (tuna,marlin,wahoo...all pelagic game fish). If the composite bar ever breaks while fishing, we'll replace it! Just
rinse in freshwater after use, hang to dry, and they’re good to go. These bars are super.
Scroll below for proof!  
Accidental Corrosion Test
This dredge sat on the ocean floor when the mainline broke after hooking a large thresher shark (halibut was the
intended quarry).
Three months later it was snagged and retrieved in the same area by the same boat. Even more
amazing, after untangling the maze of spectra, a quick soak in fresh water, and some minor scrubbing, it was ready to fish
Spreader Bar closeup
Here's the proof!!!!!
(click on images to enlarge)
Dredge closeup
Fresh out of the water after
submerged 3 months
Dredge Later
Dried up several
weeks later
Dredge cleaned up
Cleaned up and ready to
fish after some minor