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Custom Offshore Fishing Tackle spreader bars and dredges
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Custom offshore fishing tackle spreader bars and dredges
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Welcome to Best of Big Game!
Our goal is to provide
custom made, innovative, quality fishing tackle so you catch more fish. Every rig is made to order by me
personally, and there is no glitzy packaging. This allows me to keep my
prices reasonable, and make changes to fit your individual
. Orders typically ship within a week, but may take a bit longer at times.

Shipping is via USPS Priority mail, with 2-3 day delivery at economical pricing, with free shipping  on domestic US orders over $200.
For international customers, please email me at  and we can sort out shipping arrangements.

Thanks for visiting and Tight Lines!
Custom Halibut Fishing Gear. Buy complete rigs or parts like Yamashita hoochies
Custom Halibut Bounceball Gear
Purchase complete custom bounce-ball rigs, or the separate components to make your
own. Best of Big Game bounce-ball rigs took
5 of the top 10 places in the 2009 May Dana
Point Halibut Derby including 1st, 2nd and 4th.

Click Here for Bounce-ball Gear or Click Here for photos of fish
Custom Lightweight Spreader Bars, catch more big game fish
Lightweight Composite Spreader Bars
Our spreader bars are reasonably priced and custom made to order in the USA. The bar and
centerpiece have a lifetime guarantee to not break. We offer 12 different spreader bars from large to
small, with many color combinations for each. BBG bars are comparable, if not superior, to other
more well known bars on the market (glass beads, yamashita squid options, ball bearing swivels).
Catch more fish: tuna, marlin, dorado, yellowtail, all the big game pelagic fish, with these easy to use
spreader bars.
Save up to $40 per bar compared elsewhere!!!
Click Here
Lightweight Composite Dredges
Our most versatile product that catches most everything!!! Pictured is a 8.5 inch ballyhoo
special in blue/white, in case you were color challenged.
Fish them on the bottom, mid-column, or weightless on the surface, for any nearby gamefish
including halibut, salmon, striped bass, tuna....the list goes on and on. It's a 3-D bait ball.
Click Here
Unrigged custom lightweight spreader bars and dredges. Make your own and catch more fish.
Unrigged "Raw" Spreader Bars & Dredges
For those who choose to make their own! Available in 11 different sizes and configurations
ncluding the versatile dredge at very reasonable prices. This 24" 5 leader bar is $17.99.
Compare to
$30 elsewhere. Save $12.

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Unrigged Octopus Squid
Including premium Yamashita hoochies with UV and glow in the dark, so the fish see them better.
Available in 8 different sizes, many colors, and reasonably priced.

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Chasebaits are sold separately so you get exactly what you want. They feature custom
professional rigging. Choose mono or wire leaders, and J or Circle hooks.  J hooks are stiff
rigged and circle hooks swing freely for optimal hook sets. This 15 inch chasebait is
Compare elsewhere at $22. Save $7.
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Custom offshore fishing tackle spreader bars and dredges
Bulb head Squid or hoochies sold in 5 and 10 Packs including premium Yamashita hoocies.
Lightweight Dredges. Catch more halibut, tuna, marlin, salmon: all gamefish
Offshore Daisy Leaders. Better than Daisy Chains. Catch more pelagics
Daisy Leaders
Many asked about daisy chains. While we prefer spreader bars and dredges, we want to please our
customers. So we came up with a new idea,
Daisy Leaders. It's the same as the centerline on a
spreader bar, with a 5/0 ball bearing snap buried in the last teaser,
so you choose what to put on
(feather, cedar plug, jethead?). Daisy Leaders are reasonably priced at $11.99 & $12.99.

Click Here
Rigging Supplies & Tips
Many enjoy the "do-it-yourself" approach. Towards that end, we have expanded our rigging products
to include swages, leader sleeves and glass beads on the new
Rigging Supplies page. We now
provide pretty much everything needed to make your own spreader bars & dredges.

Plus, check out the new Rigging Tips section for helpful information with diagrams and
dimensions for professional results
Big Game Fish Rigging Supplies; Chaff Tubing, Sleeves, Glass Beads